Main Speaker – Cybil Preston, State Apiary Inspector
Maryland Beekeeping, Bee Inspection,
What’s New with MD Dept of Agriculture

Cybil reported that beekeeping in Maryland is growing in all categories, which she attributes to the Short
Courses and community outreach provided by the area bee associations. Cybil, four part-time
inspectors, and her two trained dogs inspected 4430 colonies last year. The dogs make a difference in
the number and speed of colony inspections for American Foul Brood, but they only work during winter
when bees are not flying. The dogs primarily inspect the ~2000 colonies that travel from Maryland to
pollinate California almonds in February. Cybil and the other inspectors handle the other seasons.

The statistics for 2019:
# Beekeepers: 2161
# Apiaries: 2716
# Colonies: 15,923

The Apiary Program is short several inspectors and hopes to hire additional inspectors next February.
Anne Arundel is one of the counties that needs an inspector. Cybil has been covering the territory this
season. Contact her if you are interested in becoming an inspector.

Cybil also stated that Maryland is monitoring for Asian hornets (aka “Murder hornets”), but despite
fielding 800 calls reporting this insect, they were found to be European hornets (which have been here
since the 1800s) and cicada killers that people never noticed in their gardens before.

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AABA October Meeting Agenda  (Check email for meeting information)
October 20, 2020/via Zoom   7 – 9 pm


Main Speaker – Cybil Preston, State Apiary Inspector

  • Maryland Beekeeping, Bee Inspection, & What’s New with MD Dept of Agriculture

Business meeting

Treasurer’s report

AABA Bylaws and Constitution
We will vote to approve bylaws using a Zoom poll
(You may only vote if you have paid your dues for 2019 or 2020)

Elections for 2021 Board
Zoom poll for general membership approval 
(You may only vote if you have paid your dues for 2019 or 2020)

[Please consider volunteering for open positions or assisting other positions]

2021 Slate of Candidates

Club Officers

President – Carl Guerci Jr.

Vice-President – Ryan Smith

Treasurer – Dennis Roundy

Secretary – open

Director – Jim Larson

Director – Michael Doyle

Media Editor – Audrey Lee

Club Chairpersons

Webmaster – Gina Jones

Short Course Coordinator – Deborah Hewitt

Program Coordinator – open

Mentor Coordinator – Matt Gill

Club Rentals – Chrissy Perry

Snacks – Deni Estrada-Palma

County Fair Coordinator – Michael Doyle

Librarian – Rebecca Krimins

Photography – Susan Huber, Rebecca Krimins

Door Prize Coordinator – Dwight Fielder

Swarms Coordinator – Carl Guerci Jr.

Hive management Question/Answer Time

Upcoming Events 2020

Maryland State Beekeepers Association  []

November 7, 2020    Fall Meeting via Zoom, Randy Oliver
Upcoming Events 2021
AABA Meetings [via Zoom until further notice]

Tuesday, February 16     7 – 9 pm
[Speakers and topics to be decided – we welcome suggestions]

Tuesday, April 20           7 – 9 pm
Tuesday, June 15          7 – 9 pm
Tuesday, August 17       7 – 9 pm
Tuesday, October 19     7 – 9 pm     ______________________________________________________________

Maryland State Beekeepers Association []

February 13, 2021    Winter Meeting via Zoom, Dr. Tom Seeley

June 12, 2021        Spring Meeting, Dr. Jaime Ellis


2021 Apiary Registration – Remember to register your bees – registration is free.

  • See the Maryland Department of Agriculture website for Apiary Inspection or the AABA minutes at for complete information.


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Dear Members,
Please join us for the Anne Arundel Beekeepers Association August 18, 2020 meeting, via

The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM with some introductory comments. Our speaker will be
Allen Hayes, Master Beekeeper. He will be discussing preparing for the EAS Master
Beekeeping exam.  This is an opportunity to learn what resources are available to help you
become a better beekeeper.

Following a Q & A for Allen we will have an opportunity for the newer beekeepers to get advice
and ask questions about what they are seeing in their hives.

Once again, the DC Beekeepers Alliance is loaning us their zoom account.  The waiting room
will open at 6:30 PM – Eastern Time, to work out any kinks.

You are invited to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Thank you, your moderator, Carl F. Guerci Jr.

If you need the Zoom meeting information, please check your email.

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