March 21st, 2023 Meeting

Join us for our March AABA Meeting! It will be held Tuesday, March 21st, 2023 from 6:30-8:40 PM at Arlington Echo.

6:30   Q and A and club business, (too cold to do a hive dive).  Led by President Susan Beury 
6:45   Liz Mehalick: Beekeeper Injury Prevention
7:15   Break
7:30   Charles Kyler: Swarm Traps and Swarm Prevention

Liz Mehalick: Beekeeper Injury Prevention
Due to the nature of beekeeping, injury risk factors such as heavy lifting, high degrees of manual materials handling, twisting, and awkward positioning are commonplace. This presentation will stray away from the bees, and towards the health and safety of their human beekeepers. Liz will be applying her expertise on body mechanics and ergonomics to present on injury prevention in beekeeping. She will discuss ways to maintain beekeeper wellness when working with equipment by delving into injury prevention best practices and tips for working ergonomically.

Liz Mehalick, MS, ATC, CSCS, CEASll
Liz Mehalick is an athletic trainer that joined CIP Solutions as an injury prevention specialist inLiz Mehalick 2022. She is contracted with the nation’s largest utility company, Exelon, providing injury prevention, ergonomics, and health and wellness strategies to both field and office employees.

Liz graduated from Boston University in May 2021, earning her master’s degree in athletic training. Prior to her graduate studies, Liz completed her bachelor’s degree in kinesiology at the University of Maryland, College Park. Liz’s previous athletic training experience includes employment at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and clinical rotations at Indiana State University, Harvard University, and Simmons University working with Division I collegiates.

Charles Kyler:  Swarm Traps and Swarm Prevention
Tis the season to get your swarm traps ready.  With this year’s interesting weather, buckle up, it will be a swarmy spring.  Charles will speak to swarm prevention and building swarm traps for our yards.  This is a timely talk for all of us.

Charles Kyler Bee Bio
 resident of Howard County, Charles started beekeeping in 2017 after he and his wife completed a beginners course.  Before completing the course, he took over management of a nature center’s observation hive and outside support hives.

As an avid woodworker, he has made all of his equipment and has taught classes on the subject.  From the two packages he started with, his apiary count rose to four and then up to 40 hives. Charles Kyler

Charles uses traps to catch swarms, as well as using them for swarm removals.  Last year while doing an “intro yard” class, he had to switch gears to teaching a swarm class to catching a swarm, as a swarm landed on a fence post behind him.  What catching that swarm, another started to land two posts down.

He has caught swarms in Maryland as well as in Arizona, including Africanized colonies.  His passion for bees includes sharing his beekeeping knowledge and wordworking skills with others.  He is a longtime member of an an online bee wooden ware builders group that now numbers over 19,000 members world wide.

Charles has dabbled with queen rearing and even traveled to Arizona with a queen in his pocket.  He and his wife won Grand Champion at the Howard County Fair in 2019 for their creamed honey filled chocolates.  They started selling their honey in 2020.