June 20th, 2023 Meeting Agenda

6:30 pm – Outside Hive Dive (Weather permitting) *Please bring your Personal Protective Equipment. We must insist that everyone at the hive dive wears at least a veil.
6:30 pm – Inside Q&A. Come spend time with your fellow beekeepers discussing bees and the crazy things they do.
7:00 pm – Club Business – AABA President Susan Beury
7:05 pm – County Fair Update – Cindy Loftus
7:20 pm – Apitherapy – So much more than bee stings! Elaine Storm
8:05 pm – Break
8:15 pm – Creamed honey – Dave Clark

Elaine Storm

We have been working bees for about 15 years. Although my husband is the main beekeeper, I do help work the hives, haveElaine Storm attended beekeeping courses and have the hands on training. I spend more of my bee time making lip balms, body bars, heel balms, etc from the byproducts of the hive. After attending EAS Apitherapy sessions, I’m now hooked on learning all about Apitherapy and how all the products from the hive can benefit us in health and healing ways. From making tinctures to bee stings to collecting recipes for healing. I love it all. My goal is to learn enough about Apitherapy to help relieve pain that people may be suffering from and to do that in an easy, less expensive and natural way.