AABA November 15th, 2022 Meeting

Join us for our November AABA Meeting! It will be held Tuesday, November 15th, 2022 from 6:30-8:45 PM at Arlington Echo.

6:30  Open Q and A with President Ryan Smith
6:50  AABA Club notifications
7:00  Elections
7:15  Phil Frank, session speaker 

Phil Frank will discuss the genesis of his co-authored new photobook “Hive Tour“, insights from his homemade observation hive, bee photography challenges and tips, and he’ll reveal the special, rare process used to capture the ultra-extreme bee closeups in “Hive Tour“.

Take-aways to include:

  • What does “Hive Tour” provide that’s missing from other bee books?
  • What behaviors can you see in an observation hive that you cannot in a field hive.
  • What are the design deficiencies with commercial observation hives?
  • Tips for better bee pictures with your phone.

Phil Frank will also have a limited number of “Hive Tour” books for $20 — 20% off the Amazon.com price (bonus: no shipping charge!).