Found A Swarm?

First: Please identify what you are seeing.   These are the most common wasps and bees. 

  • Honey bees are hairy, have bright yellow and black stripes and live in large colonies of flat, wax comb that is usually in a cavity above the ground, usually in trees.  Stings once and dies.  This is a picture of what a swarm might look like.
  • Bumble bees are yellow with black stripes, furry with long hair and are gentle.  They make a shallow nest, often under sheds, in woodpiles and mulch piles.
  • Yellow Jacket Wasps have yellow legs, are shiny (not much hair) and are aggressive, it can sting multiple times
  • Bald Faced Hornets are black with ivory markings, very little hair and live in large paper nests shaped like upside down pear usually hanging from branches or eaves.
  • Paper Wasps are dusty yellow to dark brown or black, smooth-bodied (very little hair), generally gentle but will act to defend their nest, and live in small umbrella-shaped papery combs hanging horizontally in protected spaces such as attics, eaves or soil cavities.
  • European Hornets are quite large and are brown to reddish-brown with a yellow abdomen and live n a paper nest mostly in sheltered and protected areas, such as inside trees, attics, etc.

If you have honeybees, we can help. Please email :

Your name and contact info.

Where the swarm is located (general address) and where on the property.

And a picture!