AABA Equipment Rental

The ability to rent equipment from the club is one of the many benefits of AABA membership -- and a real bargain, too!

To make arrangements to rent one of the AABA extractors, please send an email to rentals@aabees.org (preferred) or you may call Chrissy Perry directly at (410) 849-2726.

Rental Process

The fee for renting an extractor is $25. However, $15 is refunded upon return if the rented equipment is returned in the same state that it was rented, i.e. clean and in working condition.


  • Members must be current on their dues in order to rent club equipment
  • The electric uncapping knife is included at no additional charge when either of the extractors is rented.
  • All equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Currently, AABA owns two honey extractors and an electric uncapping knife that are available to rent.

Mann-Lake HH-190 Extractor

Deluxe 6/3 frame hand crank extractor.

Mann Lake HH-190 Extractor

This is a side crank unit with a brake. It is nicely geared to reduce cranking effort. The stand places the honey gate high enough for the honey pail. The stand may require ‚Äčadditional weight to keep it stable. The unit with the legs attached is four feet tall, floor to top of the crank assembly. The operating instructions are attached to the unit.



Bucket Extractor - L10 Two Frame Honey Extractor and Cappings Dryer

Extracts 2 deep or medium frames tangentially.

Bucket Extractor

There are two impressions of this unit. It is either very easy to use or very difficult. This is a top crank unit. It is light and easy to transport. It will require bracing for stability and elevation for draining.



Electric Uncapping Knife

This knife provides an adjustable heat control and makes uncapping an easy process.

Uncapping Knife