Each winter AABA offers an intro to beekeeping course for anyone interested in learning the basics of beekeeping. 

Check with the  Maryland State Beekeepers Association (https://www.mdbeekeepers.org/) for other courses that may be open and available.  Most clubs offer intro to beekeeping in January.  Registrations fill quickly so you should plan to register by November.

AABA and BUMBA New Class: Beekeeping Year 2 and Beyond

This course is meant for  beekeepers who have completed a multi-week full club short course, and had bees for at least one season.  This course is meant to supplement what was introduced at the beginner short courses, and keep you learning taking topics one layer deeper.

This course was offered January 2022.  Please check back later in the year to see if it will be offered again by AABA and BUMBA.