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AABA Listserv

The AABA Listserv is an open group email which gives us a way to ask questions and learn from each other and more experienced beekeepers in AABA. It is  moderated by Rebecca Krimins.

When you send an email in the listserv, anyone who is a member of the listserv can view/read the email. The emails permit photographs and video attachments (a picture helps with those questions in the bee yard). It’s a very helpful way to communicate, especially during COVID-19 times.

To join the AABA listserv, please email and include ‘add me to the AABA listserv’ in the email.  All requests will receive a personal response.  Thank you.

The Anne Arundel Beekeepers Association’s purpose is to promote beekeeping in the county; provide a reliable source of information to beekeepers and the public regarding bees, beekeeping, and bee management; provide contact information about providers of bee related services, supplies, and products.  We’ve been teaching Beekeepers and caring for Honey Bees in Anne Arundel County, MD since 1964.