About the Class

This course is meant for  beekeepers who have completed a multi-week full club short course, and had bees for at least one season.  This course is meant to supplement what was introduced at the beginner short courses, and keep you learning taking topics one layer deeper.

The course will be taught by Kim Mehalick,  Mike Mehalick and Allan Storm with invited special speakers.

The class will be ten weeks long, on Monday nights from 7-9 starting on Jan 10.   Text will be Honeybee Biology and Beekeeping by Caron/Connor.
Text is included in the $125 course fee.

Syllabus includes:

Reading a frame, State Laws, The ideal apiary
Biology of honey bees (workers)
Honey bee communications
Biology of Queen and Drones
Pests and Diseases
Spring/Summer/Fall and winter management
Making Splits, queens and nucs

Syllabus Beekeeping Year 2 and Beyond

The Meetings

We will have one class in- person on January 10 at Arlington Echo Education Center to get the textbook, and then subsequent meetings will continue  on zoom. There will also be an in-person  field day.  We will always make classes available via zoom, however, if we can get over the technical difficulties,we do have a room for in person meetings in the future.

To Register

To register send an email to Kim Mehalick at kimnmike89@verizon.net with your name, email and phone number saying you want to join the class.   You will then receive a paypal invoice from Dennis Roundy (AABA treasurer) for the class fee of $125.  Once it is paid, you are in the class.  Textbooks need to be  purchased the textbooks by December 15 to ensure delivery.