October 19th, 2021, AABA Meeting

TUESDAY October 19
6:30 Open Q&A
7:00 Preparing for winter, David Clark
7:30 Meet the Mite, Larry Truchon

This month’s meeting will be in person only at the Arlington Echo Education Center, our normal meeting
place. Please wear masks and practice social distancing. We also need to swipe a drivers license to get
into the meeting due to new rules from the County.

Meet the Mite by Larry Truchon

Varroa mites are the “single most detrimental pest of honey bees,” according to the USDA National Honey Bee Health Stakeholder Conference Steering Committee.  This presentation is about the biology of the varroa mite. Just as knowing the biology of the honey bee helps to make us better beekeepers, knowing and understanding the biology of varroa, helps us to battle them and be more successful in our beekeeping.

Larry Truchon is the past president of the Carroll County Beekeepers and also a member of three otherBeekeeping Associations. He was certified an EAS Master Beekeeper in 2016. Larry heads the CCBA annual Short Course and gives presentations to local bee clubs, other organizations, and the general
public. In 2019, he was the recipient of the George W. Imirie Award For Excellence in Beekeeping Education from the Maryland State Beekeepers Association. Mr. Truchon strives to keep his apiary self sustainable by rearing his own queens and overwintering nucleus colonies. Larry believes that knowing and understanding honey bee biology is a majorcomponent in being a successful beekeeper.