June 20th, 2020 AABA Meeting

Dear Anne Arundel County Beekeepers,
We are going to do a zoom meeting, to try and catch up with each other this upcoming Tuesday from 7-9, since we have missed several meetings and the conclusion of the short course.  Zoom may be new to some of you, so please read the how to use Zoom section at the end.

Our topic is twofold  “Dearth is coming” and “Preparing for winter bees”. This will be given by group members Kim Mehalick and David Clark.

We will start at 7:00pm, and will follow the talk with a chance to do an open session.
We will end by 9pm.

This is a good opportunity  and perfect time to discuss  steps beekeepers should take during dearth. The nectar flow is slowing down and will end in some areas very soon.  Dearth beekeeping is different than dealing with the happy hives of April and May.  Learn some hints on keeping things easier on you and your bees.

Meanwhile this is a critical time to prepare your bees for winter success.  August 1 is the beginning of the bee year in Maryland.  The steps you take now will help your hives to be stronger, and better prepared for winter.

The DC Beekeepers Alliance is loaning us their zoom account.  The Zoom Room will open 30 minutes before the scheduled agenda. We strongly recommend that new users get an early start to learn the tool and deal with glitches.