December 15th is our next AABA meeting.  Remember to set aside the third Tuesday of every month.

6:30 Q and A moderated by President Ryan Smith  all welcome

7:00 David Schultz will offer our Skills demo : Ventilation Boxes

Learn how David Schultz uses Ventilation boxes year round in his hive management.  He will discuss design considerations, and implementation

7:30 Keynote Talk “Honeybee Hive Infrared Thermography”.

In David’s presentation “Honeybee Hive Infrared Thermography” He will explore honeybees through the infrared light spectrum. He will show how the sun and our bees influence the honeybee hive and how we as beekeepers may be causing unintended impact to our colonies. He will also reveal tips and techniques that will help those of you using IR cameras in your apiaries to interpret your images.


David Schultz

David began keeping bees with his wife in 2014 and has grown his apiary to over 20 colonies located at his homeyard and several outyards. For the past several years David has been teaching, with his mentor Philip Krista, the Honeybee Outyard Continuing Education group meetings held weekly teaching hands on beekeeping skills and helping to mentor new beekeepers. In 2019 David started his journey to become an EAS Master Beekeeper. David has been active in the Howard County Beekeepers Association and is the past Vice President and current President of the club.