Elections were held at our February 2018 meeting. You can see the new slate of AABA volunteers in the meeting minutes.

Club Elections are held annually at our February Meeting. All volunteer positions have a one-year term, but no term-limit. All positions are up for reelection every year.

Even if you don’t have the time to take on an official position, click here if you’re interested in learning about a specific position and we’ll find small ways you can help. This is a great way to learn about the club, the mentoring program, the website, or whatever your interests are.

Take a look at the positions and consider becoming an AABA volunteer!


  • The incumbent is listed in bold, challengers in plain text. Helpers are also listed, as noted.
  • Interested in volunteering, great! Click here to state your position of interest, tell us about yourself, and why you’d like to volunteer.



  • President – Carl Guerci Jr.
  • Vice-President – Michael Doyle
  • Secretary – ** Open ** | Debbie Hewitt
  • Treasurer – ** Open ** | Dennis Roundy (Statement)


  • Club Photographer – ** Open **
  • Club Rentals – Chrissy Perry
  • County Fair Coordinator – Michael Doyle
  • Door Prize Coordinator – Dwight Fielder
  • Legislative Coordinator – ** Open **
  • Librarian – Carl Guerci Jr.
  • Mentor Coordinator – Jim Larson
  • Program Coordinator – Jim Larson
  • Short Course Coordinator – Debbie Hewitt
  • Snacks – ** Open **
  • Social Media – Charles DeBarber
  • Swarm Coordinator – Carl Guerci Jr.
  • Webmaster – Dave Mumford, Helpers: Rachael Logan, Dennis Roundy

Dennis Roundy, Candidate for AABA Treasurer

“I am a retired engineer so I know my way around a spreadsheet and have the time to devote to this position. I was the volunteer treasurer for a high school club my daughters belonged to several years ago, and enjoyed the job. I was also secretary on the board of directors for an international engineering society in the past and as part of my duties had to handle a large volume of periodical sales, also a position I enjoyed.

Setting up an online membership/renewal registration is something I think would benefit the club’s members and would like to make that happen for AABA.”