August 16th, 2022 AABA Meeting

6:30  Hive dive, or Q&A in room
If doing hive dive please bring at least your veil.

7:00  How to store your honey super frames  with Kim Mehalick

7:15 Break

7:30  Cybil Preston will be giving a talk on ” Hive inspections, and what to expect when getting an apiary inspection”


Cybil Preston is the State Apiarist/Chief Apiary inspector for the Maryland Department of Agriculture. She started as a hobbyist backyard beekeeper in 1997 and became a regional Apiary Inspector for the Maryland Department of Agriculture in 2004.  She’s a former president of the Susquehanna Beekeepers Association.  Cybil continues to educate new beekeepers by teaching the short course for Susquehanna Beekeepers in conjunction with Harford Community College.  In 2013 she became an EAS certified Master Beekeeper in 2013 at West Chester College. She was promoted to the State Apiarist position for the MDA in 2014 and is responsible for 13 counties during the season and the whole state during the off season.  In 2015 Cybil trained with the Maryland Department of Corrections and Public Safety along with her Dog Mack to become certified in American Foulbrood disease detection.  In 2018 she trained a second dog, a springer spaniel named Tukka.  Mack and Tukka are currently the only certified American Foulbrood detector dogs in the United States.  In addition to working her own honeybee colonies, Cybil enjoys spending time with her family which also includes her 4 dogs and her 5 senior miniature donkeys and 3 goats.