Join us at the  AABA meeting on Tuesday July 20   Join us to learn about Mission Beelieve,  followed by how to prepare a winning honey show entry.
The honey show season is up on us.  Learn tips and tricks on how to prepare wining honey show entries.  Our state fair is open this year, so are various county fairs.  Also the MSBA honey show is ON for this year.   Win some prize money.  
6:30 President Ryan Smith moderates Open Questions and Answers, a discussion of what we are seeing in our hives
7:00 Tristan Bannon and Monica Schmitt-Rutledge:  Mission Beelieve
Celebrating their first year in operation, Mission Beelieve is using beekeeping to help first responders and veterans.  Learn more about their organization and how you can help
7:30 Monica Schmitt-Rutledge:   How to have winning Honey Show Entries
Monica Schmitt co-founder and director of Mission Beelieve is also the vice president of the Carroll County Beekeepers Association.  She competed in the Extracted Honey Division (280 total entries) in the EAS Honey Show and won the Best in Show Silver Plate for her locust honey.  Monica will offer guidance on how to prepare your honey show entries for success
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