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Anne Arundel Beekeepers Association

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Loyd Luna welcomed all beekeepers, new and old alike. Two were attending for the first time; Patrick and Brenda Darr have now joined AABA. Thirty five people attended the meeting.
David Morris gave an enlightening Powerpoint presentation about preparing entries for competition and for selling your products.
Reading of the minutes of our June meeting was waived. They are on the AABA web site.
Doris Luna, Treasurer, gave a report on finances. We have a total of $2,828.96 in the account. At our last meeting, we made just over $700 from the auction of items donated by a previous secretary, Ms Thelma Carlson.
Both observation hives at Arlington Echo have died. One was restocked by Bart Smith on Monday, August 15th. The other will be restocked by Loyd Luna using three frames and a queen purchased from a member, Lynn Dulin. The club authorized the expenditure of $30 to purchase the bees.
Steve Hanlon gave a status report on the mentoring program. The web site still does not have information about the program. Loyd will ask the web master, Ollie Snyder, about the status.
AABA social: Date: September 10 at 5 P.M. Place: Dan Maerzke, 8517 New Cut Road, Severn, MD 21144. Eleven people signed up for the affair; directions will be provided to participants.
Chrissy Perry has done an excellent job of renting the extractor. So far we have collected $160 this season.
The Anne Arundel County Fair is September 14-18. Entries will be accepted on September 11/12. A number of people signed up to man the honey booth. MD State Fair is August 25-September 5.
Our short course starts on March 13th next year. Applications will be available at the State and County fairs. The fee schedule for next year was changed in accordance with earlier discussion. Singles will remain at $25; family - $25 plus $5 for each additional member.
Our next meeting is on February 21st, 2012. Members were urged to attend the MSBA meeting and honey show on November 12 at the Maryland Dept of Agriculture.
The door prize drawing, a hive top feeder, was won by Karen Koch. The meeting adjourned at 9 P.M.