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Anne Arundel Beekeepers Association

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The President welcomed everyone to the meeting. Thirty five people attended. Paul Dill, the President, Maryland State Beekeepers Association, was a first time attendee. Kevin Kohler, a reporter for Taste of the Bay, a local magazine, is a friend of the honey bee, and is doing a story for future publication.
The minutes of our February meeting are on our web site:
Our Treasurer, Doris Luna, gave a report on our finances. There is a total of $1600.34 in the bank account. Most of our expenses were toward the Short Course. She then gave a report on the Short Course which was finally completed tonight, the latest ever. We had 33 applications, and a total of 51 (included several families). There were many delays in getting the packages of bees for installation at Arlington Echo. Income from registration and the sale of books was $1,111; expenses were $923.24. So AABA made a profit of $178.76. Printing costs were about 30% higher than last year. The course evaluation sheets were very complementary about the course. Some suggested running the course in the Fall and/or starting it much earlier in the year.
Attendees were urged to: REGISTER YOUR BEES WITH THE MARYLAND DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE; and also to join AABA for the outrageous sum of $3.
It's a Bug's World, March 7 at the Sheraton Hotel in Annapolis was a big success.
Earth Day at Quiet Waters is this Saturday, April 24th. Dave Crump will be there representing AABA. He will be assisted by Steve Hanlon
Dates for future meetings are: June 15, August 17, both Tuesdays.
Anne Arundel County Fair - September, 2010
A Panel of Experts was convened to answer questions. Door prizes were won by: Steve Hanlon (swarm trap); Dick Crane (bee veil); and John Connors (screened bottom board). We adjourned at 8:30.