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Anne Arundel Beekeepers Association

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We examined the colonies at Arlington Echo and found that the queens had been released from the two packages installed on April 9th as part of the Short Course. Eggs and brood were evident. The surviving over wintered colony was healthy and reasonably strong.
The President welcomed a record 50 members and guests to the meeting. The minutes of our February meeting are on our web site:; they were approved without benefit of reading.
Our Treasurer, Doris Luna, gave a report on finances. There is a total of $1,946.66 in the bank account. Most of our expenses were toward the Short Course. She then gave a report on the Short Course. We had 28 applications, and a total of 53 (included several families). Income from registration and the sale of books was $965; expenses were $708. So AABA made a profit of $257.There was lots of discussion about the fees charged for the course. Families with large numbers of children take up seating space, but produce little income at the current family rate of $30. Some suggested a sliding scale while others suggested an age limit, e.g. no one younger than 10. It was agreed that the President would develop a proposal for consideration by the Board of Directors. Printed course books versus CD's was discussed. There was general agreement to stick with printed course books since the current fees cover the costs. The course evaluation sheets were summarized by Ned Wall, our VP. The marks were very high for the presenters and the students were most complimentary about the quality of the instruction and the content of the course.
Steve Hanlon presented his proposal for a mentoring program for AABA. He has developed a form which will be posted on the AABA website. It invites both mentors and mentees to register their needs and preferences.
Attendees were urged to: REGISTER BEES WITH THE MARYLAND DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE; and also to join AABA for the outrageous sum of $3.
Earth Day at Quiet Waters is Saturday, April 23rd. There were no volunteers to set up a honey display.
The CDR Mumford award was given to Kimberly Mayer for her Best in Show entry at the Anne Arundel County Fair. Her mother, Michelle Mayer, accepted the award for Kimberly.
Free labor is available from Molly Friedland, a native Annapolitan who wants to help anyone work their colonies this summer. Her phone number is 410-271-4421, Ted Jones volunteered to use her talent and skills.
Debbie Pittinger, 410-431-5032 (cell), 410-647-7055 wants someone to talk to kindergartners (6 years old) at St Martins school in Annapolis. There were no volunteers.
The Bee Research Lab will host an open house for the public to highlight honey bee research activities conducted at the nation's capital by the USDA Agriculture Research Service. You can visit the lab on Tuesday, June 21, 2011, between 10:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. and hear about research, advanced beekeeping techniques, and how to identify bee diseases. A detailed agenda and directions to the lab will be posted on the web site at during May.
Roger Potwine, who lives in the Arbutus/Catonsville area, has about 20 or so Bee Bee Trees (Evodia Trees) for sale. They are about 18 inches high and are in one gallon pots. He is asking 15 dollars each. Please email him at if you are interested.
Dates for future meetings are: June 21, August 16, both Tuesdays.
Anne Arundel County Fair - September 14-18, 2011. Members were urged to prepare entries for the fabulous prize monies.
A Panel of Experts was convened to answer a very wide range of questions. The door prize, a hive top feeder, was won by Babs McCauley.
We adjourned at 8:30 P.M.