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Anne Arundel Beekeepers Association

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Loyd Luna welcomed everyone to the first meeting of 2011.
Janet Bardzik, the Vice President of the MSBA for Baltimore City, spoke briefly to the group about products she sells, including bee-related jewelry, fondant and sugar.
Joe Brotherton, a member of the AABA, spoke to the membership about "Ross Rounds".
Joe explained that he was first introduced to beekeeping when he volunteered at the Anne Arundel County Fair back in 1995. In 1999, he started hives and in 2005, Joe had expanded to 25 hives. He now keeps approximately 10-12 hives on the grounds of Sunrise Farm, the organic farm on the site of the Old Naval Academy Dairy Farm.
Joe explained that in order for Ross Rounds to be successfully filled out, that the beekeeper must have very strong hives. Joe sells the Ross Rounds (the round-shaped honey in round sections of comb) at the Farmer's Market in Annapolis, along with other bee-related products such as candles, soaps, honey, propolis and pollen.
A benefit of Ross Rounds is that they are very popular and are in demand by members of the public, however one drawback is that the equipment (the special frames, rings that are used to contain the comb sections, etc. can be expensive). Joe explained that conversion kits are available and easy to use and described the set up of a Ross Rounds super with frames. Each super of 8 frames per super produces 32 round sections of combed honey rounds. Joe sells the Ross Rounds in plastic clam shell containers (the smaller hard plastic round containers are a bit more expensive to use) that work quite well for storing the comb. They sell from $8 to $12 per round depending on how well filled out each round comb might be.
Following Joe's presentation Dave Polk, owner of Free State Bees in Waldorf, Maryland spoke about bee packages, which he expects to pick up in early April. If anyone needs packaged bees, please call Dave as soon as possible, as he will soon need to start a waiting list for packaged bees. Dave is selling 3 pound packaged Italian bees and queen for $81 per package and 3 pounds packages of Russian bees with queen for $84 per package. Dave's contact information is 301-580-9313 or
Dave has also scheduled several classes in hive set up for new beekeepers. Dave indicated that he will continue to operate Free State Bees this year, but is looking to sell the business, so if anyone is interested, or knows of anyone who might be interested, please contact Dave Polk.
Following the Joe and Dave's presentations, and a social break, a brief business meeting was held:
The minutes of last meeting from August, 2010 were approved.
The following officers were presented and after nominations were taken from the floor, and no additional nominations were made, the slate of officers was accepted by the membership.
The officers for 2011 are:
President - Loyd Luna
Vice President - Ned Wall
Treasurer - Doris Luna
Secretary - Lindsay Barranco
Chairlady, Publicity - Amy Jameson
Chairman, Programs - Bart Smith
Chairlady, Competition - Amy Jameson
Chairman, Awards - Dwight Fielder
Chairman, Refreshments - Heather Hatfield
Librarian - Carl Guerci, Jr.
Carolyn Grant needed to resign as Refreshment Chairperson. Mr. Luna requested a volunteer for this position. Heather Hatfield volunteered to be the Chairperson of Refreshments (thank you Heather!).
The Assocation's Treasurer, Doris Luna, reported on the association's finances, and expenses incurred in 2010 (which were primarily for the state fair, the county fair and the club social held on October 9, 2010). The association currently has $2449.84 in a bank account, not including dues that were collected this evening. Dues are $3.00 for the year. If you have not paid your dues for 2011, please see Doris Luna.
The topic of posting member's names and addresses on the web site was discussed and the general consensus of the group was to not post this information because of privacy concerns.
Mentoring. Steve Hanlon reported that he received the name of one association member who was interested in mentoring. Steve will work on the mentoring program as new beekeepers may be in need of mentors in their geographic locations. If you are interested in having a mentor or serving as a mentor for a new beekeeper, please contact Steve at 410-987-5480 or
The club extractor was discussed briefly and it was reported that the extractor is in good working condition and available for rent by members if needed.
The Short Course is scheduled for March 15, 22, 29, April 5th and April 9th. 50 people have signed up and a dozen are on the waiting list. Joe Brotherton has offered to have anyone from the course get some hands on assistance. His home phone number is 410-695-2909.
Green Street Gardens in Lothian wants a 45 minute seminar on beekeeping. If anyone is interested please call 1-443-822-3611.
Maryland Beekeeping Statistics for:
2008 2009 2010
Maryland beekeepers registered 1,531 1,353 1,425
Maryland colonies 9,800 11,474 1,650
Maryland apiaries 1,600 1,849 1,968
AA County beekeepers registered 126 140 148
AA County colonies 379 416 473
AA apiaries 145 163 172
The MSBA meeting will be this Saturday, February 19th at the Howard County Fairgrounds. The MSBA County Vice-President is Oliver Snyder, our Web Master.
Dates for future meetings are: April 19, June 21, August 16, all Tuesdays.
Anne Arundel County Fair and the Maryland State Fair for 2010 was very successful. Loyd thanked all the volunteers who assisted.
Lastly, David Crump won the door prize and is the proud new owner of a brand new inner and outer cover.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.
Minutes submitted by Lindsay Barranco, Secretary.