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Anne Arundel Beekeepers Association

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Items For Sale

ItemImageQuantityConditionDeliver/Pick UpPick Up PriceDelivered PriceContactDate
Custom beehives made to order. All models including Langstroth, Top Bar, Warre, or Niucs. Email for prices at All NEW Email for prices at Kirk 9/20/2015
Three frame mating nucs, screened bottom board retrofitted on your hive body and screened bottom boards for $35.00 each, including inner covers. 3 Frame Nuc All New Must Pick Up $35.00 Lee Travis 4/16/2014
50 lb bags of sugar. All For Bees Only Must Pick Up $16.00 per bag Lee Travis 4/16/2014
Carniolan Queen Cells- available on Monday 4/22 only for pick up after 2PM. Perfect for making nucs or splits. All NEW Must Pick Up $15.00 Phil Serafinas 4/16/2014
Vanessa Bright has a complete hive for sale located in Gambrills 1 USED Must Pick Up $160.00 Vanessa 4/16/2014
Sealed packets (6 full doses) of Mite Away Quick Strips for sale. Expiration date is 11/2016 1 Can be arranged Either $5.00 Each Meg 9/29/2016